Australian Podcast Awards 2019 Entries - Terms and Conditions


 The 2019 Australian Podcast Awards (“the Awards”) are presented by the Australian Podcast Awards ABN 76 516 847 024 (“APA”). By submitting your entry to the Awards, you accept the following terms and conditions:


A. Entry

  1. You have read the Eligibility Criteria for the Awards published by APA – both General Eligibility and any eligibility for your Category. You warrant that your entry complies with these criteria and that any information you have provided is true, complete and accurate.

  2. You must be a member of the production team of the podcast to nominate the podcast for an award, or have permission to nominate a podcast on the production team’s behalf.

  3. All entry fees are non-refundable.

  4. APA reserves the right to revise and amend Award Categories, prizes and deadlines, and to move entries between Categories.

  5. Entrants must be over 18 years old, otherwise written consent of a parent or guardian must be provided to APA.

  6. APA reserves the right to disqualify your entry if, prior to the Awards, you or any named member of your production team, conducts themselves or makes any statement that may damage the reputation of APA and/or the Awards or bring them into disrepute.

B. Judging

  1. Judges for the Awards are selected, and Panels determined, by APA at its sole discretion based on experience, achievement and availability. APA will use best endeavours to ensure that judges perform their role fairly and in the absence of any bias or conflict of interest.

  2. Notwithstanding any other term or criteria relating to the Awards, the decision of APA in relation to each award is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  3. If you have requested feedback, it may be provided at the discretion of APA and the relevant Judges. You acknowledge that feedback may be critical and disclaim any claim in this regard.

C. Rights

  1. In submitting your podcast for consideration in the Awards, you hereby warrant that:

    1. you own or control all rights (including copyright) in the podcast;

    2. the podcast is the original work of the production team members listed in the entry;

    3. effective licences have been obtained for all third-party copyright material incorporated into your podcast, including music, text and archival recordings; and

    4. communication and publication of the podcast, and exercise by APA of its rights under these terms:

      1. does not infringe copyright, breach confidentiality, breach any contract, convey any defamatory imputation or otherwise breach any right or give rise to any action on the part of any third party; and

      2. is not obscene, in contempt of court, misleading or deceptive conduct, unauthorised medical, financial or legal advice, or otherwise in breach of any law, regulation or standard; and you hereby indemnify APA against any loss, damage, cost or expenses (including legal costs) which may be incurred by APA as a result of your breach of these warranties.

  2. You hereby grant APA the non-exclusive right to reproduce and publish, in all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, in connection with the Awards, including advertisements and promotions for the Awards, and for archival purposes:

    1. names, approved biographies, photographs and likenesses of yourself and the other production team members;

    2. any graphics or artworks relating to your podcast entry;

    3. descriptions and synopses of your podcast; and

    4. excerpts of your podcast of up to 10 minutes

D. Awards

  1. You acknowledge that prizes and trophies associated with listed awards are provided on a team basis, and will not be provided to individual members of a production team unless specifically stated in relation to any Category.

  2. Awards will be presented at the Seymour Centre Sydney on 19 May, 2019. APA reserves right to change venue or date.

  3. You and other production team members who wish to attend the Awards will be responsible for your own costs including travel and accommodation, costs associated with attendance at the Awards ceremony and any associated events.

  4. If you win an award, but are unable to attend the presentation, APA will post your award to you on a ‘COD’ basis or other method to be mutually agreed.

E. General

  1. APA reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions without prior notice including in respect of the criteria for any award, the withdrawal of any award, the inclusion of any further award and/or any title or prizes offered in relation to any award, where APA believes such action is in the best interest of the Awards, and no liability shall attach to APA as a result of such.

  2. At its sole discretion APA reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Awards. In this event APA will refund any entry fees, and no other liability shall attach to APA as a result of such cancellation.