Our Story

The Australian Podcast awards has been established to recognise the great work being done by all Australian podcasters. Our categories are designed to reflect the type of content being produced in this country, as well as to celebrate the industry and community that is taking shape around it.

To date podcasts have been lumped into generic awards ceremonies, and we are thrilled there is now a national podcast competition to truly explore the best there is in podcasting in Australia.
— The Garret Podcast

Our awards are judged by an independent panel of podcast experts. Our event and the judging process are organised by a group of people who are passionate about seeing podcasting grow in Australia.

Whether you are a podcast producer, fan or industry person, the awards are for you! Anyone with an interest in podcasting can support and connect by entering and/or attending the awards ceremony with the community.

Our Team

Dave Gertler - Founder

Dave Gertler is a podcaster with over a decade in music production and media. He used to be a bass player and even released an album of songs which is treasured by friends. A Masters in Creative Sound Production at the Sydney Conservatorium led him to a career in podcasting. Dave has since connected with a passionate community of Australian podcasters, and wants to see the local industry continue to grow. 


Anna Riddel is a voice coach and music/acting teacher. She has over a decade of experience in the creative industries as a creator, professional writer, and in teaching and arts administration. Passionate about podcasting as a burgeoning medium for voice based story telling, she is excited to help make the 2018 awards an even bigger success than 2017.

Stephanie O'Brien - Marketing Manager

Stephanie O'Brien is a marketing professional with 10+ years of integrated and brand management experience within retail and direct to consumer in the United States, Ireland, England and Australia. As an avid podcasting fan and supporter, she is delighted to be part of the team honouring great talent in the industry.

Mark Thomas - Business ADVISOR

Since 2012, Mark Thomas has mentored businesses and individuals, helping them gain focus, develop their strategy, communicate their message, and achieve their goals. Mark has mentored individuals and businesses from across the economy, including banking, finance, arts, film production, internet entrepreneurship and event management. He also has worked with sales teams on pitch development and effective communication, and has worked with teams to resolve interpersonal issues.