The Australian Podcast Awards proudly celebrate the best achievements in the Australian podcast industry. They are presented annually at a gala awards ceremony, and categories recognise excellence in creativity, originality, production and podcast industry innovation and development.

Our event is the only one of its kind to bring together all podcasters in a celebration of the medium’s unique magic that entertains, inspires and engages audiences worldwide.

The awards took place in Sydney in 2017, Melbourne in 2018, and will return to Sydney in 2019.


Dave Gertler - Founder

Dave Gertler is a Sydney-based podcaster with a background in comms and the music industry. A Masters in Creative Sound Production at the Sydney Conservatorium led him to a career in podcasting. Though not currently producing any podcasts, Dave has a strong understanding and appreciation for the commitment of hours, skill and creativity that goes into them.


Anna Riddel is a voice coach and music/acting teacher. She has over a decade of experience in the creative industries as a creator, professional writer, and in teaching and arts administration.

Stephanie O'Brien - Marketing Manager

Stephanie O'Brien is a marketing professional with 10+ years of integrated and brand management experience within retail and direct to consumer in the United States, Ireland, England and Australia.

Mark Thomas - Business ADVISOR

Since 2012, Mark Thomas has mentored businesses and individuals, helping them gain focus, develop their strategy, communicate their message, and achieve their goals. Mark has mentored individuals and businesses from across the economy, including banking, finance, arts, film production, internet entrepreneurship and event management.