How Creative Partnerships Helped the Australian Podcast Awards

Like many people in the creative industries, Australian Podcast Awards founder Dave Gertler had a grand idea but wasn’t quite sure how to turn it into reality. As a devotee of the arts, he turned to an organisation he trusted for guidance - Creative Partnerships Australia. They introduced him to Mark Thomas, a business mentor who volunteers his time to coach entrepreneurs.

Mark Thomas has played a fundamental role in helping Dave not only solidify his vision for the Australian Podcast Awards, but translate this vision into actionable items, making what can feel like a behemoth of a project into something tangible and achievable.

Creative Partnerships Australia offers free coaching and mentoring services to arts organisations around Australia. They recently interviewed both Mark Thomas and Dave Gertler to better understand the role their mentor/mentee relationship has played in helping launch The Australian Podcast Awards.

Industry Recognised at Australian Podcast Awards

Four new categories aimed at industry recognition will be on the list of eighteen awards to be handed out at the Australian Podcast Awards in Melbourne this May.

"I'm really excited about the new categories our judges will review this year," says awards founder Dave Gertler. "Last year we had ten judged categories and one popular vote. We fielded entries from SBS, Mamamia, the Sydney Opera House, Fairfax and News Limited, as well as entertainers like Wil Anderson and Osher Gunsberg. This year with our new categories, we're not only looking at what podcasters themselves are doing, but exploring the industry that's forming around the medium in Australia."

Among new categories recently announced, 'Contribution to Industry' will crown an individual or organisation helping drive the medium of podcasting forward, whilst 'Australian Podcast Legend' will shine a light on the individuals who have dedicated years already to helping the medium achieve the profile it already has.

When podcast submissions open on February 1, Australian podcasters will be able to nominate their own podcasts into 14 categories, which are styled to the Australian podcasting community. The remaining 4 categories are only open to nominations by the judging panel. 

"I can't wait to see who our judging panel will nominate as finalists in the Podcasting Legend and Contribution to Industry categories," says Gertler. "There are so many potential nominees in both those categories, and we're hoping to at least scratch the surface and give some credit where it's due."

'Best Branded Podcast' category is an exploration of a key area of podcast growth in Australia and an opportunity to recognise the work that brands are doing to support Australian podcasting. 

'Podcast Host of the Year' will be a way to uncover the personalities that will drive Australian listeners to keep coming back to home-grown content. "We believe that what drives listeners back to their favourite podcasts time and time again is the feeling of being engaged in the content, and to an extent being a part of a community," says Gertler. "Last year we recognised the achievements of podcasters only, this year is about exploring what's happening in the industry at large."

The 2018 Australian Podcast Awards will take place at the Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood on Saturday 5 May. Entries open on 1 February.  Contact for more information.