Zoom Australia to Partner with the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards

We're excited to announce our first category partnership for the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards. 

A Zoom representative will be announcing the winner of 'Best Documentary Series, Presented by Zoom', at our 2019 event, and will be awarding a trophy, as well as one of 6 H5 Handy Recorders that Zoom Australia are contributing to the Australian Podcast Awards.

Zoom produces a wide array of recording devices, including a line of portable recorders that are used by podcasters and documentary producers around the world.

"We are proud to be working with the Australian Podcast Awards to help support documentary podcasting in this way," says Iain McLure of Zoom Australia, "Zoom field recorders are a staple of documentary production across all audiovisual mediums, and we can't wait to hear the finalists and announce the winner at the awards next year."

We are excited to be working with Zoom Australia on this category, and look forward to making more announcements about the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards soon. You can follow Zoom Australia's updates via the links below.

If you’re looking for a quality digital recorder to capture audio on the go, without sacrificing the sound quality and recording options of a mixer in a studio, then the Zoom H5 could very well be your dream gadget.
— ThePodcastHost.com