A Guest Post from the Headliner Team

We are so excited that for this year’s Australian Podcast Awards, Audiograms are being recognized as a new category! That being said, you’re probably wondering about a few things.
— Headliner

What is an Audiogram?

An Audiogram is a short video that promotes your podcast. Creating one usually starts with audio from one of your podcast episodes, and then with adding a moving waveform, images, videos, text, and/or captions.

Why make an Audiogram?

Videos increase engagement on social media, and though podcasts traditionally rely on audio, this can be hard to share on social networks. Making a video out of a podcast creatively showcases your content and makes it shareable on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you have captions (a cool feature built into Headliner) turned on since many people using social media watch videos without sound.

  • We recommend a maximum Audiogram length of 1.5 minutes (45 seconds is ideal), to show off your podcast without losing the attention of viewers.

  • Add a small watermark so people don’t forget what podcast they’re listening to and know what to search for wherever they download their podcasts from.

The easiest and free way to make an Audiogram is through Headliner! Here’s a rundown of how to use the app to make one:

  1. Head to https://www.headliner.app/ and click ‘Sign Up’ to quickly create an account

  2. Click ‘Audiogram Wizard’ under ‘Create a Video’, and follow the on-screen steps

  3. To add subtitles to video, make sure the ‘Audio Transcription’ toggle is ON and the correct language selected

  4. Trim your audio (10 min. max length with this Wizard) manually, or select from the Time Limit Selector to fit the platform you’re planning on sharing it on.

    • Remember, shorter videos keep people’s attention for longer

  5. Choose an aspect ratio - what size should the video be?

    • For YouTube or a website, pick landscape (1920x1080)

    • For Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, pick square (1080x1080)

    • For Instagram Stories and Snapchat, pick portrait (1080x1920)

      • If you need to change the aspect ratio later on, the Headliner project editor can resize video quickly and easily, without having to start over

  6. Play around with the waveform features and background image to make your video more eye-catching

To see some amazing Audiograms created with Headliner, head on over to our gallery!