Important Update on the 2019 Popular Vote Category

We have been thrilled with the participation of 300 podcasts in this year’s Popular Vote category, thanks to the time and effort entrants and voters have given to support Australian podcasts.

It has come to our attention that one or more entrants or voters have been manipulating the results of the Popular Vote, and that the vote count of one or more entrants is being heavily influenced by the results of cheating. We have therefore hidden the vote count from public visibility to allow a full voter integrity check, before making the results public again, once this has been completed.

The Popular Vote remains open until 14th February, and we encourage podcasters to continue promoting their Popular Vote entry to your supporters. Finalists will be announced on 21 March, allowing us time to complete an exhaustive integrity check. The winner will be announced at the Australian Podcast Awards in Sydney on 18 May. We hope you can be there to enjoy the now-added suspense.

Please enjoy the last few days of the Popular Vote, and rest assured that the final results will be an accurate and fair reflection of our podcast community.

Event MCs Announced for the 2019 Awards Night


Allow us to introduce your MCs for the evening, Tom Hogan and Bonnie Leigh-Dodds. Tom and Bonnie are podcasters, theatre producers, and entertainers.

In 2018, they reached audiences all over Australia with their hit podcast Missing Richard Mercer and the sold out performance seasons of Love Song Dedications (Without Richard Mercer) in Sydney and Melbourne.

Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan is a multidisciplinary artist working across music and radio art, as well as writing and performance. He produced Missing Richard Mercer and the digital project and podcast Obscure Music History. He is a co-founding member of Ten Tonne Sparrow, creating comedy performance lectures, such as Alien Carl Sagan (2018) and Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) (2018). He was just awarded Teacher Of The Year at JMC, and he's unsure if this should go in his bio or not, but his mum will be very proud, so why not? 

Bonnie Leigh-Dodds

Bonnie Leigh-Dodds is an arts manager and artist working in experimental art, performance, theatre...and now...podcasts! In 2018 she co-created and performed in Love Song Dedications (Without Richard Mercer) and was Executive Producer of Missing Richard Mercer the accompanying podcast. When she was 6 she forced her entire school to watch her do a one woman performance of Riverdance and her life has been more or less that kind of vibe for the last 20 years.  

about the event

The Australian Podcast Awards will be a celebration of our podcast community, a night to celebrate finalists and winners, but most importantly a night when the entire community gets together to celebrate this great industry we’re a part of.

Dress in your party clothes, strut the red carpet event, enjoy waiters serving you fancy food on platters, and enjoy meeting and mingling with your favourite podcasters at intermission and the afterparty in the foyer. Because you, podcaster, deserve it.

A theatre-style awards ceremony full of suspense and entertainment will celebrate and reflect our diverse and growing podcast community. The Seymour Centre is one of the most established, central and iconic 500-seat theatres in Sydney.

Acast to Support Diversity & Inclusion in Australian Podcasting

The Australian Podcast Awards are excited to announce global podcast marketplace Acast as sponsors of a new category that aims to celebrate one of the most important traits of the podcasting medium. The inaugural Acast Award for Diversity & Inclusion in Podcasting has been announced for the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards, and has already received a large number of entries.

Best Audiogram, Presented by Headliner - Finalists Announced

With entries still open for most categories (Until 14th February via this link), the ink is already drying on the first list of finalists for the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards.

The inaugural Best Audiogram, Presented by Headliner category opened for entries on 1 November, and has now completed its first stage of judging - a public voting stage. Audiograms are short videos that can be easily produced by tools such as Headliner, to turn your podcast into a dynamic video that can be shared on social media.

Entry was free for all podcasts that were already entered in other categories, and the Headliner tool is also free to use. The 6 podcasts that received the most votes will now be considered by an internal judging process, leading to the announcement of the winner at the Australian Podcast Awards on 18 May in Sydney.

Please join Headliner and the Australian Podcast Awards in congratulating these podcasts for making it to the final stage of judging for the inaugural Best Audiogram, Presented by Headliner Category.

Click on the image to view the finalists gallery.

Click on the image to view the finalists gallery.




In 2017, the inaugural Australian Podcast Awards (known as the Cast Away Awards) was held at Giant Dwarf in Sydney's Surry Hills. After a memorable red carpet hosted by Maynard, guests took their place in the theatre for the presentation of the first category, Comedy & Entertainment. The winner - Maynard!

Maynard has been part of the Australian podcast community from its early days, which he shares with us, along with his tips and podcast recommendations, below.

Sarina Rowell, On why Scriptwriters should consider Podcasting.

Sarina Rowell, On why Scriptwriters should consider Podcasting.

2018 Best Comedy Podcast Childproof was the result of extensive pre-production, post production, and capturing a live recording at an iconic Melbourne venue. The result is immersive comedy storytelling and triumph of audio production.

Creator Sarina Rowell gives a detailed run down of how her, Tony Martin, Matt Dower, the venue and cast of actors brought a story - originally intended for TV - to life as a podcast.