When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions for all self-nomiated categories is Sunday 11th March at 11:59pm. Entries for all categories open on 1st February 2018.

When are the finalists announced?

The finalists for all judged categories will be announced on Thursday 1 April.

Are there separate categories and awards for independent and mainstream podcasts?

No. Independent and mainstream podcasts are judged alongside each other in the same categories. We take into account the advantage that mainstream podcasts might have by making a quota of how many mainstream, and how many independent podcasts are finalists in each category. Each category has a maximum of six finalists, two of which can be mainstream and four of which can be independent.

We recognise that there can be blurry lines on the need for this distinction and how to accomodate for it, but we are clear of this: we acknowledge the great work done by both independent and mainstream podcasters. We also believe in rewarding the best in every category and that this can and does come from a combination of independent and mainstream podcasts.

How do we define independent and mainstream podcasts? Who decides if a podcast is mainstream or independent?


  • Funded by a larger organisation
  • Produced in a radio studio or other professional facility
  • Produced by a national or major broadcaster, major print or web publication with mass audiences in mind
  • May have been produced originally for live broadcast, and has been repurposed for on-demand listening or streaming


  • Funded by podcaster
  • Produced at home, or at a studio paid for by the podcaster
  • Produced by individuals with specialised interests or skills, often catering to a niche audience
  • Produced by a community not-for-profit radio station
  • Not produced for live broadcast purposes

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How do we define a branded podcast?

We get that there is often a connection between a business owner's podcast and their business, but this does not mean that they have to enter the Branded Podcast category. The Branded Podcast category is more intended for medium-to-large businesses and corporations who commission podcast producers to create content that achieves their brand goals.

If your podcast has a sponsor or contains paid advertising, it is not necessarily a branded podcast.

What do we define as a Documentary Style podcast?

We consider this to mean podcasts that utilise documentary-style production techniques to tell a non-fictional story. Examples include true crime, investigative journalism and history podcasts.

Common Documentary Style podcast production techniques include scripted narration; re-enactment; sophisticated use of sound-design, editing, or music soundtrack.

How does the Popular Vote work?

Once you complete your submission to a nominated category, you will receive an email containing information explaining how to enter the Popular Vote.

The first stage of public voting is open until April 1, so get your listeners, friends, family, and technology literate pets to start voting as soon as possible. On April 1, the top ten vote-getters will be announced. Voting will then remain open for these podcasts until shortly before the Australian Podcast Awards night on 5 May.

To give yourself the best chance, make sure you share your Popular Vote entry on social media and talk about it on your podcast and newsletters. Be sure to let your supporters know about the instructions for voting, which they can find on the voting page.

How many finalists will there be in each category?

Each category will have up to 6 finalists, including up to 2 mainstream podcasts, and up to 4 independent podcasts.

Can I create an episode that is different to my usual style, to help me win an award?

No. Please don't edit together a special highlights episode, or anything like that. It must be a regular episode available to your listeners, that is representative of your podcast's usual style and quality.

Is there a minimum or maximum duration allowed for the episode I submit for judging?

The episode of your podcast that you submit for judging should be no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 2 hours.

What if I enter the wrong category?

Podcast categories aren't an exact science, so just do the best you can, and if you're in the wrong category, we will contact you to give you a heads up, and your podcast will be moved to the correct category.

If I made a great episode last year, can I submit it this year?

The episode you submit must have been first published after 1 February 2017, which was the cut off date for the entries of last year's awards.

What is the difference between a 'podcast' and an 'episode'?

A podcast is the name of your show. Eg, 'I have a monthly podcast about sport' or 'My podcast is called Dave's Sporting Adventures'. An episode of a podcast is the individual piece of audio that you release and people listen to. Eg, 'I just released episode 9 of my podcast yesterday.

Once you've entered the Popular Vote, your podcast will have its own listing on the voting gallery. Once there, your supporters will see the following instructions:

STEP 1. If you already have a Submittable account, log in and go to Step 4.

STEP 2: If not, you will be asked to create one.

STEP 3: Once you do, you will receive an email from Submittable that asks you to click on a link in the email to validate your email address. Now you will be logged in.

STEP 4: Click on your favourite podcast/s, hit the thumb in the top left corner to vote. When the thumb button turns orange, it means your vote has gone through!

What can I expect at the event?

Australian podcasting's night of nights! Red carpet picture opportunities, fun and mingling with podcasters and fans from all over the country. Food and drink, entertainment and an on-point awards ceremony that keeps things moving at a good pace!

Some of the judges have links to entrants in some categories. How do you make sure that judging is fair with this?

No individual will judge a category where they are directly linked to any of the podcasts they are judging. The judges will agree to make us aware of any conflict of interest before judging commences.

What are the prizes?

The prize is your very own Australian Podcast Award trophy with your podcast's name on it, to place in your pool room! As well as bragging rights, and your name on the winners list on the website.