Judges will assess podcasts according to three main criteria. They will give wholistic scores across these criteria for each podcast.

Different criteria will be given different weightings from category to category, depending on their importance in the context of each category.


The three main areas that judges will base their scores on are:

  1. Audio production and sound quality

  2. Content and preparation

  3. Engagement and X-factor


Judges will base scores on questions such as:

  • Could you understand and hear the content clearly?

  • Would you describe the podcast as somewhat pleasant to listen to, or was it harsh on your ears in some way?

  • Were some voices much louder than others, or were the levels well balanced?

  • Were there any major editing or mixing issues, or gaps or glitches in the audio?

  • If music or other post-production techniques were employed, how effectively was this done, and was it to the benefit of your listening experience?


We recognise that a lot of work often goes into research and preparation of good content well before the moment that podcasters hit the 'record' button. Our judges will be looking to reward podcasts that have made an effort to give listeners valuable content that makes them happy they spent time listening.

Judges will base scores on questions such as:

  • Was it easy to know what the podcast was about within the first few minutes of listening?

  • Is there a logical flow to the structure of the podcast and the information or entertainment being presented?

  • Is there any evidence of research and preparation having been done to deliver interesting and/or useful facts and information to the listener?

  • Were there a lot of "ums" and "ahs", and was this to the detriment of the delivery of content?

  • Would you recommend this podcast to someone with an interest in the topic/s that the podcast is about?


No matter how good the content, or how well produced it is, if the personalities delivering it don't resonate with the listener, the listener will struggle to make this podcast an important and ongoing part of their life. We believe that what drives listeners back to their favourite podcasts time and time again is the feeling of being engaged in the content, invested in the content producers, and to an extent being a part of a community.

To assess podcasts on this critical element of the medium, judges base scores on questions such as:

  • What was the quality of the hosts and/or guests?

  • Did you enjoy the interactions between them?

  • Did you want to keep listening?

  • How engaged with and committed to their audience do they seem, as evidenced in the podcast?

  • Would you recommend this podcast to someone who hasn’t heard a podcast before?


As part of your submission, you will be asked to include information that will help judges come to an understanding of your overall contribution to your audience, both through actual audio content provided, as well as endeavors to grow community around your podcast.