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Australia's rich tradition of storytelling is alive and well in podcasting. From personal journeys and historical tales, to long-form interviews and live tales, audiences can settle in and hear stories of other lives and other people.


The Australian arts and entertainment industry punches well above its weight, and our podcasts in this category are no different. Presented in a variety of formats, Arts & Entertainment podcasts come from a place of inspiration and passion for everything from TV to literature, arts, theatre and music.


Documentary Style podcasts have taken off around the world in the last few years. In Australia, this category is both supported by mainstream outlets, and has been embraced by independent podcasters alike. Common formats may include scripted narration, re-enactment, on-location recording, and other use of sound-design, editing, or music.


What is a branded podcast? It’s when a company or organisation commissions or funds podcast content that shares their values and messages.  The podcasts in this category need to rise to the challenge of creating content that is valuable to their listener as a standalone podcast, whilst also balancing the needs of a marketing brief.


A podcast can be the most profoundly satisfying way to sink your teeth into and wrap your mind around important topics that you care about that are happening in this rapidly changing and dramatic world. News & Current Affairs podcasts give voice to those of us who are always questioning and searching for more information about the world we live in.


Comedy podcasts can use a variety of formats, styles and techniques to make listeners laugh, or be otherwise entertained.


Australians love sport. Podcasting provides a unique platform of expression where those obsessed with sport can share this passion with listeners all over the world who are dedicated to the same sports, and share stories and news of tension and high drama.


Best Newcomer is for podcasters who are just hitting their stride. New podcasts are hitting the airwaves every day, and these newcomers are bringing their A-game to the table with their ideas and storytelling techniques.


A good Family & Kids podcast captures the imagination of not only children, but also their parents. This category features some podcasts that are also hosted by kids.


Podcasts are an amazing resource for people who are looking to improve their lives. A plethora of Australians podcasters are sharing their professional, as well as life experiences and tips with listeners all over the country and all over the world.


The entrepreneurial spirit goes hand in hand with the essence of what podcasting is about. Australian podcasts have a long tradition in the history of business and marketing podcasts and bring a unique energy and creativity to this area of podcasting.


These are podcasts that deep dive into all the complicated technology and science innovations and developments happening around us all the time, so that audiences can remain in the know.


These podcasts are your source for tips, insights and stories into specific careers and industries. Whether it's where you already work, or if you're trying to learn more about the job you want.


The Host of the Year category was not open to self-nomination. As judges review podcasts that were entered, they are asked to hand-pick ones where the hosts stood out for being an outstanding host or team of hosts. By celebrating this category, our hope is that its winners will go on to be a household name that has emerged from the Australian podcast industry.


The Popular Vote category is where podcasters can take control of their own destiny and get their fans to vote. Most votes wins!

The 2018 Australian Podcast Awards are open to podcasts that meet the following basics: