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Entries Open November 1 2018 until 14 February 2019. Winners announced at Australian Podcast Awards ceremony, 18 May 2019. To enter your podcast, click here.

To illustrate the categories, we have included examples of topics and formats that might be included in each category. Please note, these examples are just a sample, and not intended to be a comprehensive list. If you’re unsure which category/ies your podcast should enter, please contact us.

Literature, Arts & Music

The wonderful world of the arts is crucial to our society, exploring the world we live in through a creative process. The arts sparks conversations and brings meaning and often beauty to our lives. Podcasts in this category celebrate, discuss, review or otherwise examine topics around literature, the arts and music.

example topics include

  • Literature

  • Performing arts

  • Visual arts

  • Music

  • Design

  • Photography

  • Fashion

  • Other artistic interests and hobbies

  • Arts industries and careers

  • Publishing industry

  • Music industry

  • Other media production and related industries


Today we can watch or stream just about any content at any time, and it sometimes feels like the communal experience of watching a show have vanished from our lives. Enter the podcasts that celebrate, discuss, review or otherwise examine topics around TV, film and pop culture, and we’re once again sharing the experience.

example topics include

  • Movies

  • TV

  • Reality TV

  • Sci-Fi

  • Comics

  • Film industry

  • Cinema

  • Broadcast and other entertainment industries and careers

  • Podcasting and podcasts

  • Pseudoscience & conspiracy theories

  • Pop-culture and other entertainment forms


The ability to make people laugh is truly an art-form. Comedy allows us to release and enjoy a moment in time, and often to process big ideas. Comedic podcasts about any topic that use a variety of formats and styles to make listeners laugh or be entertained can be entered into this category.

example formats include

  • Comedy chat shows

  • Quiz shows

  • Stand-up comedy or live performance

  • Parody

  • Absurdist humour

  • Comedy-fiction

Business & Marketing

Podcasts of any style or format, which discuss or give insights and tips about business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Example topics include

  • Business

  • Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Digital marketing

  • Management

  • PR

  • Communications

  • Wealth & investing

  • Finance

  • Real estate

  • Women in business

  • Sponsorship

  • Startups

Career & Industry

Australia has a large variety of podcast producers who are passionate about a career they're in, or might aspire to be in, and want to share their insights with listeners who are - or aspire to be - in the same industry. Podcasts that provide insights, news and best-practices about any industry, career, profession or academic pursuit.


  • Education

  • Architecture

  • Hospitality & travel

  • Heavy industries

  • Law

  • Public service

  • Mining

  • Medicine

  • Dentistry

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Other careers

Branded Podcast

The Australian Podcast Awards are excited to be including the Branded Podcast category for the second year. This includes podcasts of any topic, style or format that have been produced by brands or organisations, for the purposes of promotion, shifting a brand's image, or sharing ideas that align with the brand's values.



Podcasts that look at how technology shapes our lives.

example topics include

  • Gadgets and apps

  • Internet trends

  • Software tech news

  • Tech innovation

  • Blockchain

  • VR or AR

  • Digital & social media industry news

  • Accessibility in tech

  • Computer programming

  • Technology in the media


This category is for podcasts that keep up with the developments in the world of video games and other games.

example topics include

  • Video games

  • Esports

  • Game reviews

  • Gaming culture

  • Tabletop games

  • Indie game development

  • Games industry news

  • Role playing games

  • Board games

  • Online games

Sports & Recreation

Sport is so ingrained in the Australian psyche that it’s no surprise that it comes so naturally for Australian to talk about sport, and to make podcasts about sport. The 2019 Sports & Recreation category opens the door not only for podcasts about all types of sport, but also recreation activities that are considered sport-like, such as other types of competitive and outdoor recreation.

Example topics include

  • Professional, club and amateur sport

  • Car racing & automotive

  • Aviation

  • Fishing

  • Sailing

  • Surfing

  • Cross-fit

  • Martial arts

  • Rock climbing

  • Lawn bowls, bocce

  • Hiking

  • Other miscellaneous activities and hobbies

Political, Social & Cultural Affairs

Now more than ever, podcasts can be the most satisfying way to wrap your mind around important topics that you care about that are happening in this rapidly changing and dramatic world. News & Current Affairs podcasts give voice and insights to those of us who are always questioning and searching for more information about the world we live in.


  • Politics

  • The media

  • Law & justice

  • Societal impacts of climate change

  • Religion

  • Local, global and regional news

  • Other matters of political and social interest

  • Scepticism

  • Philosophy

the acast award for Diversity & Inclusion in Podcasting

The Australian Podcast Awards is excited to be recognising one of the truly life-changing aspects of podcasting, and one of its keys to growth and success in the future - the ability to be a platform for diverse voices, making it possible for any individual, group or idea to achieve representation, and to connect creators and audiences to build and strengthen community around these ideas.

Example topics include

  • Disability inclusion

  • Indigenous representation

  • LGBTIQ issues

  • Living with mental illness

  • Gender equality

  • Feminism

Investigative Journalism & True Crime

The Australian Podcast Awards are excited to be introducing this new category for podcasts that have been created by individual journalists, or media organisations, which uncover or reveal true stories about historical or present-day crime, corruption, illegal activities or other underworld behaviours.

example topics include

  • Unsolved murder

  • Historical crimes

  • Fraud


Independent True Crime

The Australian Podcast Awards are excited to be introducing this new category for podcasts that have been created by independent podcasters, which uncover or reveal true stories about historical or present-day crime, corruption, illegal activities or other underworld behaviours.

example topics include

  • Unsolved murder

  • Historical crimes

  • Fraud


Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

The Lifestlyle, Health & Wellness category welcomes nominations from podcasts that focus on helping their audience live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. This includes podcasts of any format or style, presenting insights and perspectives about a range of topics.

example topics include

  • Health

  • Alternative health

  • Fitness & nutrition

  • Beauty

  • Self-help

  • Sexuality

  • Places & travel

  • Food & beverage experiences

  • Alternative living

  • Gardening

  • Relationships, dating

  • Meditation

  • Mental health

  • Yoga

  • Personal development

  • DIY home improvement projects

  • Arts & crafts

  • Interior styling

  • Personal finances and budgeting tips

  • Slow living

Family & kids

Podcasts of any format or style, which present ideas, tips or insights about family or parenting. This category is also for podcasts for or by kids.

example topics include

  • Parenting

  • Kids entertainment

  • Podcasts by kids

Science & Medicine

Podcasts of any format or style, which explore the world of science and medicine.

example topics include

  • Maths

  • Astronomy

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Linguistics

  • Science education

  • Natural sciences

  • Social sciences

  • Medicine

  • Engineering

  • Climate science

Best Interview Show

Podcasts that explore any subject or genre, including those in all other categories, predominantly through the format of interviewing guests. This may also include interview podcasts that might not fit into other categories.



Podcasts that use storytelling techniques such as narrative non-fiction, documentary, live storytelling or long-form interview to take their listeners on an engaging journey.


  • Narrative non-fiction, Scripted narration, dramatic re-enactment, field recordings and interviews, sophisticated editing and sound design, archival recording and found sounds, live storytelling.

  • Personal journey, Biography or autobiography, Interpersonal relationships, Communities, Emotionally sensitive topics, History, Science, Technology, Sport, The arts, Different cultures, Politics, Health, Education, Law, Other topics.


Previously included in the Storytelling category, fictional podcasts are their own wonderful world. The Australian Podcast Awards are excited to be creating this new category to encourage the growth of local fiction podcasts in the context of the explosion of fictional podcasts overseas.

examples of formats include

  • Audio drama

  • Improvised or scripted plays

  • Parody

  • ‘Movies for your ears'

Best NEW Podcaster

The Best New Podcaster category is open to new and emerging independent podcast producers who have released their first podcast episode after 13 March 2018 (when 2018 entries closed). Work entered must not be the product of outsourced production services, must be the producer's first effort at podcasting or spoken-word audio, and must not have been produced by any type of commercial, government, or community institution or media network.


Popular Vote

Podcasters who want to take control of their own destiny and get their fans to vote for them. Most votes wins! If you're an organisation with several podcasts, we recommend just entering one and focussing your support network around getting as many votes as possible for this one!


Best Audiogram, Presented by Headliner


Headliner and the Aus Pod Awards are excited to be encouraging the use of audiograms to help podcasters reach new audiences! This is a special category for podcasters to explore the use of audiogram app Headliner to produce video for growing their audiences via social media.


Yamaha Prize for Outstanding Podcast Production

In this new category presented by Yamaha Music Australia, judges will review podcasts entered into other categories of the Australian Podcast Awards, selecting a shortlist based on criteria around providing outstanding listening experiences.

recognising production ELEMENTS such as

  • Creative sound production, mixing and editing

  • Sound design, soundscape

  • Original music composition and production

  • Quality and effectiveness of music selection, including theme music

Podcast of the Year

For the first time, the Australian Podcast Awards will award an Australian ‘Podcast of the Year’. Podcasts recognised as finalists, and the eventual winner, will be selected by judges from all submissions into other categories, and reviewed against criteria including audio achievement, and overall audience impact during the eligibility period.